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Thanks to Clive Maloney for his super last minute support yesterday – he helped me to ace a presentation. Don’t forget to run practical stuff like this by him as it’s a very effective use of time!
Lorraine Adebowale

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I’ve been working with Clive since end of last year and I can honestly say he really is “the difference that makes the difference!”

I have the attention span of a 4 year old on 3 tubes of Smarties, and although I only like doing the stuff I enjoy doing – Clive still manages (somehow!) to stay patient and get me achieving more than I’ve done with other coaches previously. He sets realistic homework tasks/actions, and although each may seem quite little, if done consistently – the results start paying off! I set goals in January that I wanted to achieve by end of June, and I smashed it by March!

Clive helped me create my unique business system which I’m super proud of, which not only has really improved my own business, but I’m now doing personal speaking at several regional events (another goal achieved!) sharing that very system with hundreds of others to improve their businesses too! I procrastinate, do things my way and take much longer to do “business stuff” compared to most, BUT, I’ve achieved more in these last few months working with Clive than I’ve done in several years! And the more I achieve – the more I seem to do! So the best is definitely yet to come!

I’d highly recommend Clive Maloney to ANY small business owner who wants to work smarter, take their business up a notch, get more clients or make more money! Worth every penny!”

Elaine Williamson