Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Get Real About Business Ltd is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment and we review our environmental policy regularly.

Environmental PolicyThe key points of our environmental policy are:

  • Reduce toxic emissions through travel planning where face to face client engagement is required
  • Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst our clients and suppliers
  • Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to our company
  • Reduce paper and printing waste
  • Promote the use of Skype video calls and the telephone as a viable and advantageous alternative to face to face coaching and meetings

As a company we are committed to constantly reviewing and implementing how we work in order to:

  • Reduce waste both internally and externally (clients & suppliers)
  • Reduce pollution
  • Save energy
  • Make use of technology based alternatives to face to face meetings, training and coaching

As a company we ensure where possible:

  • All bought in paper is of a recycled content
  • All waste paper is recycled
  • Card, cans and plastic waste is recycled
  • All printers and computer settings are pre-set to black print as default
  • All IT equipment is switched off at night
  • All lights are switched off at night
  • All ink cartridges and toners are recycled and re-manufactured cartridges are used where possible

We welcome all comments, thoughts and input on how we protect our precious environment. If you have anything you’d like to say about our environmental policy and the way we work please contact us.